Personal Injury Overview

Results-Oriented Personal Injury Representation

Results always matter. In personal injury cases, they matter even more. Our lawyers never forget that fact.

At The McLeod Firm, in St. Augustine, Florida, we recognize the results we achieve for our clients are about more than just a large financial award. We are helping them get the resources they need to recover from the debt and other real life complications that accidents have thrust into their lives. We are also ensuring they can continue to receive the medical treatment they need for their injuries. We are working to restore their dignity and provide for quality of life.

The Work We Do

Our lawyers represent people who have been injured in Palm Coast, Flagler County, the First Coast region and throughout the state of Florida. Our practice includes accidents and injuries that involve property owner negligence, injuries and deaths caused by defective products, motor vehicle accidents of all types, and cases involving health care-related negligence by doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and others.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death

Health Care-Related Negligence

Injured Tourists

Our attorneys have also represented many tourists injured while on vacation in Florida. Our office is equipped with teleconferencing and video communications technologies that allow us to handle your case without the need for you to make repeated trips to Florida. We have a relationship with a network of physicians across the nation so we can help you get an accurate diagnoses and medical care where you live.