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  • Results always matter. Our lawyers never forget that fact. At The McLeod Firm, in St. Augustine, Florida, we recognize the results we achieve for our clients are about more than just a large financial award.

  • Auto accidents involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death are complex. Although serious car accidents can occur anywhere in our area, the I-95 corridor, US 1, state roads 100, 207, 206, 210, and A1A, seem to have an inordinate number of car accidents involving serious and catastrophic injuries in northeast Florida.

  • Legal Help if You’ve Been Injured by Bad Medical Care St. Augustine, Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers Every year thousands of people in Florida are injured when they receive bad medical care at a hospital, clinic, or nursing home. The legal term for negligent medical care is “medical malpractice” or “medical negligence.” It can be very […]

  • Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuits Death is difficult enough, but the wrongful death of a parent, spouse or child brings with it a sense of loss so deep, words cannot describe. Those left behind are often overwhelmed by grief and the enormous challenge of just making it through each new day. Many are unsure of what […]

  • Legal Help For Injuries from Trucking Accidents St. Augustine, Florida, Truck Accident Attorneys I-95 is one of the busiest, and deadliest interstates along the East Coast of the USA. Collisions between cars and eighteen-wheelers along I-95 leave shocked, injured people and grieving families wondering how they will ever get their lives back to normal. The […]

  • Legal Help for Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents St. Augustine, Florida, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, and highways US1, A1A, and I-95 from St. Augustine to Titusville, Florida, are havens for motorcycle riders year round. We have the largest Harley Davidson distributor in the U.S. right in our area. We have the biggest bike […]

  • Finding Financial Recovery After Spine and Spinal Cord Injuries St. Augustine, Florida Back and Neck Injury Lawyers Spinal cord injuries range from soft tissue “sprains” of connective tissue and spinal muscles to herniated disks, torn disks, spinal nerve compression, and damage to vertebrae, the bones that protect your spial cord. Spine injuries cause serious pain […]

  • Finding Financial Recovery After Head Injuries St. Augustine, Florida Personal Injury Attorney When an organ or body part is injured, there typically is swelling at the place of injury. When the brain is injured, there is very little room for swelling to occur. When spinal fluid or blood from a broken blood vessel begins to […]

  • Accident-Related Rotator Cuff Injuries and the Attorneys to Call on for Help People who have been in car and truck accidents often suffer rotator cuff damage or other shoulder injuries. This is partly due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of American drivers are now using their seat belts. That said, either shoulder can […]

  • Finding Financial Recovery for Whiplash and Other Soft Tissue Injuries At The McLeod Firm in St. Augustine, Florida, we don’t let insurance companies get away with trying to minimize their costs at the expense of our clients. We have had extensive experience representing whiplash injury victims over the last 20 years. We’ve listened to the […]

  • Effective Legal Representation in Florida Birth Injury Lawsuits There are risks that come with pregnancy and childbirth. With good prenatal care and attentive care in the delivery room, many of these risks can be managed effectively. But even with the best possible care, no one can control or anticipate every possible variable. All of which […]

  • Legal Help for Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Florida Drunk driving accidents are different because drunk drivers have no defense. They can’t avoid liability by claiming the other driver was negligent. They can’t avoid liability by claiming the sober driver was more to blame for the accident than they were. In fact, they can’t avoid […]

  • Respected Florida Medical Negligence Lawyers Everyone makes mistakes. However, when a doctor or hospital makes a mistake it can have tragic results. As insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) increasingly pressure doctors to treat patients faster and cheaper, medical negligence has become an increasing problem. At The McLeod Firm, in St. Augustine, Florida, we […]

  • Legal Help if You’ve Been Injured by Nursing Malpractice St. Augustine, Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers Nurses are the front line of medical care in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Their vigilance and prompt response to a patient’s changing medical condition can mean the difference between life and death. We count on their good judgment. Unfortunately, […]

  • Experienced Florida Prescription Drug Error Attorneys For centuries doctors have known that certain drugs could cure disease. Modern medicine uses powerful and sometimes dangerous prescription drugs to cure illness, minimize the effects of disease, and ease pain. While these drugs have the capacity to cure, they also have the ability to cause great harm. At […]

  • The Inevitable Results of “Assembly Line” Health Care How can someone who is having a heart attack go to the emergency room and walk away with a misdiagnosis of indigestion or “heartburn”? Why is it that every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans with serious and potentially life-threatening medical conditions, walk away from visits to […]

  • Experienced Florida Surgical and Post-Surgical Errors Lawyers Surgery is often fraught with risk. Once people are through surgery there is a presumption the risk is over. Surgical and post surgical errors produce the same susceptibility to negative medical outcomes as surgery. However, just as with other types of medical negligence, doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists rarely […]

  • Legal Help for People Injured by Medical Malpractice Gastrointestinal illnesses and conditions are becoming more common, as is gastrointestinal surgery, particularly gastric bypass, gastric banding and colonoscopy procedures. One result is an increase in the annual number of malpractice claims that involve this medical specialty. At The McLeod Firm, we have been committed to helping […]

  • St. Augustine, Florida, Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys As family structures change and we live longer lives, more and more people rely on assisted living to care for the elderly and the infirmed. Unfortunately, as the reliance on nursing home care increases, so do the incidences of nursing home abuse and neglect. At The McLeod Firm, […]

  • Legal Help for Victims of Dental Malpractice in Florida Whether you go to see a dentist, a periodontal specialist or an oral surgeon, you have the right to expect competent and proper dental care. You also deserve to be fully informed about the work to be done, the procedures involved and the risks of each. […]

  • Effective Florida Defective Medical Products Attorneys Modern Medical science has produced medical devices that have saved and improved the lives of millions of Americans. However, as these devices become more sophisticated the potential risk to patients become more severe. At The McLeod Firm, in St. Augustine, Florida, our attorneys have extensive experience investigating the causes […]