Recent Cases:

$12,517,235.00 Trial Verdict: Psychiatric medical malpractice wrongful death trial in Orlando, Florida.

$3,500,000.00 Settlement: Motorcycle crash into car failing to yield right of way in St. Johns, Florida, causing multiple injuries.

$2,000,000.00+ Settlement: Large semi-truck causing chain reaction accident in St. Johns County resulting in multiple spine and leg fractures to our senior citizen client, and ultimately contributes to his death 8 months later.

$2,000.000.00 Settlement: Thirty-eight year old St. Johns County husband and father of two children suffers irreversible brain damage following brain surgery due to a Jacksonville hospital’s failure to monitor patient and react to serious warning signals; wrongful death.

$1,600,000.00 Settlement: Improper lane change on I-75 near Tampa, Florida forces our client off road and into roll-over which ultimately leads to wrongful death.

$1,110,000.00 St. Augustine bicycle accident

$950,000.00 Total Settlement: Fifty-two year old diabetic local wife and mother transported to a hospital complaining of chest pain and left arm numbness is incorrectly diagnosed for over 8 hours in the E.R. allowing a heart attack to evolve and fatally damage her heart when earlier diagnosis could have saved her.

$780,000.00 St. Johns County Wrongful Foreclosure case v. Large Bank

$725,000.00 Sarasota County car accident

$700,000.00 Jury verdict for a dental malpractice case in Flagler County, Wheeler v. Benchimol and Healthy Smiles, involving the negligent extraction of a tooth and resulting nerve damage. The verdict was $511,400.00 and after the addition of fees and costs, the judgment will exceed $700,000.00.

$700,000.00 St. Augustine motorcycle accident

$686,000.00 Putnam County Car Accident Trial Verdict

$685,800.00 auto accident jury trial verdict and a $511,000.00 Dental Malpractice jury trial verdict.

$685,800.00 Settlement: Our client received compensation for an auto accident resulting in personal injury at the Putnam County Courthouse.

$650,000.00 against local OB/GYN: St. Johns County obstetrical medical malpractice verdict.

$590,000.00 Flagler County Dental Medical Malpractice/nerve injury

$537,499.00 Putnam County Medical Malpractice (surgery and post-op care)

Over $500,000.00 paid to a victim of a negligently conducted colonoscopy by Borland-Grover clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  The negligently conducted colonoscopy resulted in a rupture of the patient’s spleen and need for splenectomy.  A Duval County jury returned the large verdict and it was affirmed on Appeal.  Niosi v. Borland Grover Clinic, P.A and Bradford W. Joseph, M.D.

$500,000.00 in settlement for obstetrical/hospital negligence concerning a poorly managed pregnancy issue to a couple in Palatka, Putnam County, Florida.

$464,931.07 Jury Verdict and Judgment (Newman vs. Brown): Flagler County woman complaining of a suspicious lump in breast to her gynecologist for over a year is not provided a timely, appropriate test which allows breast cancer to increase from approximately 1 mm in size to baseball sized tumor requiring removal of entire breast.

$439,000.00 St. Augustine moped accident

$365,000.00 settlement achieved against hospital resulting from a delayed diagnosis of a heart attack occurring in St. Johns County, Florida.

$350,000.00 partial settlement achieved in an Orange County, Florida against a hospital failing to monitor and safeguard patient from over-prescribed pain medication (Oxycodone).  The negligent physician involved remains liable.

$250,000.00 Volusia County Medical Malpractice

$250,000.00 paid to the victim of a delayed bladder cancer diagnosis by a Palm Coast physician’s office in Flagler County, Florida.

$250,000.00 Settlement: Motorcyclist injured in a collision with a pick-up truck in Palatka, Putnam County, Florida.

$250,000.00 Settlement: Motorcyclist injured when hit by driver who ran stop sign in St. Augustine neighborhood. Client’s leg broken and other injuries.

$250,000.00 St. Johns County Slip and Fall at local shopping center

$237,000.00 Broward County Medical Malpractice

$225,162.12 Verdict and Judgment (Collier v. Marino): Putnam County woman suffering a failed gynecology surgery due to Clay County surgeon’s negligent operation and surgical method resulting in need for a second surgery and recovery.

$225,000.00 Settlement: Palatka, Putnam County woman who suffered bowel injuries caused by negligent gynecologist during surgery to her uterus

$225,000.00 St. Johns County Slip and Fall at Condo

$211,250.00 Monroe County Medical Malpractice

$200,000.00 Settlement: Our client fell down stairs at condominium in Crescent Beach that were constructed out of code and with wrong paint resulting in arm fractures.

$200,000.00 Award following trial (Geyer v. Florida Hospital): Flagler County senior citizen is not properly monitored in Florida Hospital, falls and fractures hip.

$200,000.00 Recovery for injuries of a passenger of a motor vehicle involved in a single car accident in Palm Coast, Florida, Flagler County, Florida

$200,000.00 Settlement: Rear-end collision of minivan by large truck on I-95 resulting in aggravation of pre-existing back and shoulder conditions.

Nearly $200,000.00 in Total Recovery: Semi-truck collides with vehicle in which our clients traveling on I-95 causing back and neck injuries.

$175,000.00 required in settlement resulting from a negligently conducted hemorrhoid surgery in St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida.

$170,000.00 Settlement: Medical negligence on a St. John’s County Orthopedic Doctor for the negligent repair of a hip injured in a car accident requiring repair surgery.

$162,500.00 Duval County Dental Malpractice

$152,500.00 St. Augustine Slip and fall

$150,000.00 Putnam County Medical Malpractice

$150,000.00 paid in settlement to a bicyclist for shoulder injury caused by a negligent driver in Flagler Beach, Flagler County, Florida

$150,000.00 St. Johns Car accident

$145,000.00 Settlement: Client injured in Putnam County when negligent driver ran a red light while talking on a cell phone. Our client received injuries to her knee and aggravated a pre-existing neck problem.

$140,000.00 Settlement/Recovery in a motor vehicle crash in St. Augustine where client received a neck injury in a “roll-over” accident

$132,500.00 Duval Medical Malpractice

$125,000.00 Total Recovery: St. Augustine Beach car colliding with bicyclist causing shoulder injuries.

$125,000.00 Brevard County car/truck accident

$110,000.00 Settlement: Client riding a bicycle in St. Augustine hit by car at intersection when driver failed to look before accellerating. Client suffered a broken leg.

$110,000.00 recovered for a hand injury to a victim struck by a careless driver in Putnam County, Florida

$107,500.00 Settlement: Teenage client injured while a passenger in a single car accident (driver was another teenager) in Putnam County Florida suffering scarring to arm and hip injury.

$100,000.00 Recovery: Ponte Vedra, Florida intersection accident causing neck/spine injuries to our client.

$100,000.00 Settlement: Client business woman injured when hit from the rear by a driver failing to stop at an intersection in south St. Augustine. Client received injuries to her cervical spine. Settled with the at fault driver and case against client’s own insurance company for “under-insured motorist coverage” is pending.

$100,000.00 Settlement in a car versus bicycle accident causing a shoulder injury involving a drunk driver in St. Johns County

$100,000.00 Settlement recovered for a motorcyclist hit by negligent driver causing leg fractures.

$100,000.00 St. Augustine Motorcycle accident

$99,900.00 payment to a victim of a negligent dental care in Duval County, Florida where poorly placed crowns resulted in a need for reparative procedures and associating discomfort

$90,000.00 St. Augustine car accident

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