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Modern Medical science has produced medical devices that have saved and improved the lives of millions of Americans. However, as these devices become more sophisticated the potential risk to patients become more severe. At The McLeod Firm, in St. Augustine, Florida, our attorneys have extensive experience investigating the causes of medical product failure, determining the long-term physical and financial effects of injuries, and pursuing fair compensation for our clients.

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Litigation involving defective medical products can result from design defects or manufacture defects. Design defects involving medical products often involve products that are inherently dangerous. Manufacturing defects are defects that make an otherwise safe product dangerous, as a result of improper manufacture. In addition, manufactures and medical professionals have a duty to provide patients sufficient information as to the possible side effects of a medical device or implant.

Litigation involving defective medical products can be complex and costly. Showing that a defect in a medical product was the cause of an injury or death requires an experienced attorney with the financial and human resources to prove the cause and effect. At The McLeod Firm, we routinely partner with some of the nations leading medical professionals on defective medical device litigation. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to handle any defective medical product litigation.

Often the makers of these products do not honestly report important information concerning risk of use to the patients or to the Government in the FDA review process. It becomes the lawyer’s duty to discover these failures and seek compensation for people injured through such failures.

  • Defective defibrillators
  • Pacemaker failure
  • Defective hip, knee, and shoulder implants
  • Orthopedic implants
  • Heart stents and other medical products

Our attorneys work to show that medical companies failed to properly test medical products or that they misreported the results of tests in their applications to the FDA. Due to our thoroughness in these cases, we must be selective in the cases we accept. We offer a free initial consultation for all potential defective medical product cases. We take all our cases on a contingency bases. Whether a case is resolved through a settlement or a trial, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that our clients receive optimal compensation for their injuries.

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