Legal Help for Drunk Driving Accident Victims in Florida

Drunk driving accidents are different because drunk drivers have no defense. They can’t avoid liability by claiming the other driver was negligent. They can’t avoid liability by claiming the sober driver was more to blame for the accident than they were.

In fact, they can’t avoid liability at all — not if your attorney can prove that the defendant driver was under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance when the accident occurred.

If your family has been affected by a drunk driving accident along I-95, I-10, I-4, I-75, US-1, state road A1A or another Florida roadway, contact The McLeod Firm for the experienced, effective legal representation it will take to protect your rights and interests.

Establishing the Defendant Was Under the Influence

After a drunk driving accident, it is not uncommon for the criminal case to be resolved before the civil case. Because of that, we often have clients work with the prosecutors in charge of those criminal cases to obtain a conviction or plea to driving under the influence. This eliminates the need to discuss liability issues in the civil suit, allowing our attorneys to focus on the damages instead.

Exploring Possible Sources of Compensation

Drunk drivers often don’t have enough insurance coverage to adequately compensate injured victims and surviving family members. Attorneys at The McLeod Firm know that and will explore every possible source of compensation for you and your family, including your own insurance coverage.

Potential sources include bodily injury coverage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Uninsured and Underinsured motorist coverage, umbrella policies and dram shop cases against bars, restaurants, other businesses or individuals (and their insurers) who were negligent in providing alcohol to the defendant driver.

Whatever it takes, our objective is always the same: obtaining the full financial compensation you need so that you can move forward with your life.

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