Why Choose a Board Certified Lawyer?

Why Choose a Board Certified Lawyer? board certified lawyer Mac McLeod of The McLeod Firm is a “Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer”. So, why is that an important factor when deciding who to hire for representation in a Personal Injury, Auto Accident or Medical Malpractice case? Only a small percentage of lawyers in Florida are Board Certified and only upon achieving Board Certification can a lawyer be referred to as an “expert” or as a “specialist”. Only about 5% of Florida attorneys are designated as Board Certified. Board Certification is The Florida Bar’s highest evaluation of an attorney’s competency, experience and professionalism. To receive Board Certification, an attorney must show substantial experience, education and involvement in the particular field of law, be considered to have the highest ethical and professional standards by Judges and fellow lawyers and pass a difficult written examination administered by The Florida Bar. Amid all the claims and advertising by lawyers these days, the surest way to know you are getting a proven, skilled, experienced and professional attorney is to retain a Florida Bar Board Certified Lawyer. In Personal Injury, Accidents and Medical Negligence in St Augustine, St. Johns, Ponte Vedra, Palatka, Palm Coast and surrounding areas, that attorney is Robert L. “Mac” McLeod.
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