If you haven’t voted, take the time to do so. So many among us take this right to decide our representatives in government and to change or develop the laws that govern us granted. However, what we have a right to do today, to decide who governs us and what laws we will live by in a free and democratic society is what truly makes us free. Not voting is to be apathetic about freedom. I get that the choices are not always the best, but we have choices. And if you want those options to be better in the future and want all the negative campaigning and awful waste of money and destructive public discourse to stop, then get involved. Demand better candidates, run for office, support honest and wise people in their efforts and require substantive debate on important issues. None of us care about a fan at a debate, we do care about education, health care, taxes, our seniors, law enforcement, our environment and our culture. We have the power to make change happen…you start by going to the polls! Mac.
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