McLeod firm you are momentously appreciated!

Reviewed on Customer Lobby “After my motorcycle accident in March of 2016 and spending a combined 18 days in CCU and then hearing from my insurance company that my motorcycle was being totaled, I thought that it couldn’t get any worse … and then I find that the at fault driver had NO insurance, driving his girlfriend’s car and of course she had NO insurance. The first firm I contacted would not take my case and simply stated that “you can’t get blood out of a turnip”! I contacted the McLeod firm and after looking over my paper work they felt that they may be able to help … no promise of untold millions or efforts to make me whole again but they were willing to help! So, here I was being rejected by one firm and finding the McLeod firm willing to help me! What a breath of fresh air, someone interested in helping instead of after the almighty dollar. Through hard work and much diligence, Donna and Seth of the firm were able to reduce the amount of the liens against me brought by the medical insurance companies (Who seemed to think I was getting millions). I cannot began to thank them enough for all of their help and Donna’s tenacious efforts in getting all of this resolved. They didn’t get blood out of a turnip but they reduced the size of the medical insurance pumpkin to a radish! Thank you McLeod firm you are momentously appreciated!” -Lee E. review
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