How your Malpractice Attorney Can Assist with Nursing Home Negligence in Orange Park, FL

Malpractice attorneys in Orange Park, FL know that negligence and abuse in our country’s nursing homes are an unfortunate reality, with statistics indicating that 10% or more of our senior citizens experience abuse every year. Key to fighting this alarming trend is ensuring that cases of negligence are noticed and the guilty parties are punished appropriately. Abuse of the elderly can take the form of emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse, while neglect refers to the victim not receiving the medical, physical or emotional attention they require. Signs of negligence may include, among others, untreated wounds or medical conditions, unusually anxious behavior, excessive weight loss and malnutrition. In all instances, great harm can be done to the elderly person in question as well as their families and loved ones – and because it is often directed at the most vulnerable members of our society, these cases deserve to be heard and resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. The key to a successful negligence or abuse case is to get a malpractice attorney who has experience fighting nursing home negligence cases. Your malpractice attorney can help you determine if you have a case, advise you on how to build the case and give you insight into what you can expect as a result. At The McLeod Firm, we take these cases very seriously and have the experience, team and drive to pursue your case to its conclusion. If you are concerned that any elderly person is experiencing any type of abuse or negligence in a nursing home or institution, contact our lawyers today for a free consultation.
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