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dental malpracticeExtremely happy to report that we were able to obtain a big victory and verdict in Flagler County this month for our very deserving and wonderful client in her dental malpractice case against Jaques Benchimol, DMD and “Healthy” Smiles. Our client demonstrated clearly that when you are truthful and reasonable in the description of facts and consequences of events of malpractice, objective juries will do the right thing…and this one did. Thank you to the willing and patient jury of Flagler countians. As always, my rock star trial partner, Elizabeth Schoonover was awesome. Now our client can move on to the things she needs to get better without any worry about affording it…and no one deserves it more. Great clients make great cases and we have well over a half a million “proofs” of that in this case! For answers and effective legal representation regarding dental malpractice, call The McLeod Firm at (904) 471-5007.
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