What can you do when a normal, happy day suddenly turns into a nightmarish struggle? Our Accident Law Firm in Ponte Vedra, FL knows just how the trauma of an accident can change your life.

You find yourself asking ‘why’ over and over again, whilst loved ones are trying to encourage you to ‘move on’. Our attorneys understand the struggle this question poses and how drastically it has changed your day to day life. We understand that in order to move forward, you need to understand why it happened.  We believe that it’s our job to find the answer. We help you to know whom was at fault and why. We also help you to understand your rights and the options available to you. In this way, we offer you peace of mind for your future during the journey of healing.

Determining if you need the services of our Accident Law Firm in Ponte Vedra, FL

Accidents happen, and sometimes someone is at fault. We help you to determine as well as understand your legal rights when it can be proven that a deliberate action caused the distress you are now suffering. In a motor vehicle accident, driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather can be difficult to prove, but it is possible. Our attorneys have achieved great success in the past and continue to do so today with each and every client. Whether defending yourself, a loved one, or going up against an insurance company or other wrongful party, our attorneys at The McLeod Firm in Ponte Vedra, FL can lend a valuable, and life changing, helping hand.