A DNR or Do Not Resuscitate Order

dnr A DNR or Do Not Resuscitate Order is a government, single page form, provided in compliance with requirements of our State’s Department of Health. It must be signed by the patient and the patient’s doctor and “orders” any health care provider including EMT’s, nurses, ER Dr.’s etc. that no live saving efforts or “resuscitation” shall be engaged if the patient who is subject of the order is, essentially, not breathing and/or has no heart rate. A DNR should be carried by the potential patient and should be conspicuously posted in their home, nursing home or hospital room. The DNR is effective so long as it is available and not revoked. This is a brief description of these “decision documents” and not legal advice. If you would like to hear more information about these issues and be provided advice, consult with your attorney or make an appointment with us at The McLeod Firm.
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