Protecting Your Rights After the Crash

Even though there are far fewer people in our area that hold this view, some people still see motorcyclists as less deserving of protection on our roadways. Defendants and their insurance companies would like everyone to believe that too.

In reality, motorcycle accidents are hardly ever the motorcyclist’s fault. In fact, the vast majority of people who choose to ride are extremely cautious and very attentive to their surroundings because they know from experience … they can’t trust other drivers to do the same.

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Obtaining Compensation for Motorcycle Accident-Related Injuries

Motorcycle accident-related injuries can be mild, serious, severe or even fatal. To achieve our goal of obtaining full financial compensation, our attorneys work with board-certified medical specialists in physical medicine and trauma medicine. We also work with life care planners and other specialists to understand the full financial impact your injuries have had, and will have on your daily life in the future. Our experience with motorcycle accident-related injuries includes:

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